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Tub of Cleveland TofuHow our Tofu is made

Cleveland Tofu is made by soaking, grinding, and cooking soybeans into a soymilk. We add calcium sulfate and GDL (coagulants) to the soymilk to firm it up. After the soymilk coagulates, it is pressed into large blocks. The tofu is then cut by hand into one pound blocks and packed into water-filled containers or tubs. GDL is a gluten-free fermented food starch derived from corn and processed into a white powder. GDL is also used in the process of making cottage cheese and bread.


Cleveland Tofu contains the following ingredients: Water, Soybeans, Calcium Sulfate, Nigari.

Cleveland Tofu is made with no preservatives, is naturally low in fat, and is cholesterol-free. All seed is Non-GMO and Kosher certified.

Our soybeans are locally grown and processed in Ohio from growers adhering to the most rigorous industry standards for quality and purity. Our Ohio soybean growers are always rated within the top three suppliers in the world.

Nutrition and Daily Allowances

Nutrition Facts for Cleveland Tofu